QUBE. Remote Demo

We invite you to our remotely hosted Demo that will take place from the 18th until the 21st of March. You can find more details over on the Facebook Page of the Event. If you’d like to register your team, you can easily do so by completing the following form

Qube Demo Poster
Building passion with robotics main event poster

Building Passion with Robotics

QUBE. Robotics team is proud to present our first Online Event of the year. Between the 19th and the 29th of November, a large series of speeches, presentations and more will take place as part of the European Robotics Week. Read on to check more surprises we have prepared for you!

We're recruiting! - 24 Jul 2020

 The QUBE. Team is searching for new members! From today, the 24th of July, until the 23rd of August you can use this form to submit your profile and have a chance to be part of our family. More details can be viewed in our Facebook Post.

Spain National Championship, Barcelona, 2020

During the timeframe of 27th-28th of February 2020, our team participated in the Spanish National FTC Championship, which has proven to be a great opportunity for us to evaluate the progress we’ve made throughout the year, both in terms of engineering our robot and in terms of teamwork, communication and organization.

Sankt Petersburg Regional 2019

On the 21st and 22nd of December, 2019 our team participated in the Sankt-Petersburg Qualifier, where we had the opportunity to test our new robot’s systems, game strategies and compete in the first regional competition in the series of 2019/2020 ‘Skystone’ season, against some of the best Russian and Romanian teams. 

FIRST GLOBAL, Dubai - 2019

For the past 4 days we’ve supported Team Mauritius, which we have been mentoring for the last few months, but also cheered for Team Romania (Romanian Robotics Team).

We’ve met wonderful people from different parts of the world, including…

QUBE. Demo - 23 Nov 2019

 On the 23rd of November, the QUBE. team organises an open demonstrative as part of the European Robotics Week. You can sign-up your team using the following link until the 13rd of November:


FTC Chicago, USA - 2019

  On the 20th of July 2019 we participated in the Chicago Robotics Invitational, where we had the opportunity to interact with some of the best teams in the USA.
  Although it only lasted for one day, the competition was extremely intense, consisting of 8 qualification matches for each team, at the end of which we ranked in the top 10 teams. We were therefore chosen to play in the semifinals by alliance captain XLR8.

FTC - South Korea 2019

This is the first FTC Competition we participated in this season and it was a great success. In Korea we were able to test our robot and prepare for the national competition that awaits us back home. There, we have met with other 3 Romanian teams with whom we have also played. All participants, both students and mentors, were friendly, developed cooperative relationships and supported one another, no matter if they were in the same alliance or opponents. After the 3 day competition, we came back home with the Design Award, offered for the robot with the best technical design. 

International Championship, Detroit, USA - 2018

During BRD FTC Romania 2017-2018, after the 5 matches of the finals from our division, our team obtained first place, becoming the Captain of the Winning Division Alliance. After the 3 intense matches of the finals, we won the competition with a score of 524 to 287, making us the Captain of the Winning Event Alliance and bringing us one of the 4 invitations to the FTC Championship held in Detroit, Michigan between the 25th -28th of April.

FTC Detroit - USA 2018

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